Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Jul 24 09:20:19 2003
Balanced Heart

I've been becoming interested in someone for the last week or so. However, in addition to that interest, I've also grown a dislike of someone else, based partly on information provided by the first person, and partly from my observations. An observation -- I think that hate is more 'pure' than love, and for that reason, it's easier to lose oneself to hate than love. Of course, I don't think that hate is intrinsically worse than love, or vice versa -- it's all about loving and hating the right people. Instead, it's what one does with one's hate that decides on the big ramifications. However, when it comes to things that make one fulfilled as a person, and contribute to a sustainable 'good life', I think that love beats hate hands down. Hands down .. I wonder .. could that be a reference to blackjack, suggesting that regardless of what the invisible card is, love (or whatever positionalA is) will result in a winning hand?

To continue the first thread, I had a dream last night where the person I'm beginning to dislike was talking to me, saying what a good friend I was to them. Stunned, all I could do was nod dumbly, trying to minimize the content of the comment without overturning it. I think it was me trying to say that I sometimes can be too nonassertive on what I think about people.


Anyhow, last night, I got home, and was tired, so didn't get any computer stuff done. Phooey -- I really wanted to be using POUND by now, or at least have it ready to replace netdiary.

I appear to be having serious philosophical inner conversations about the nature of Capitalism..

I also keep having something to write into this, and then forgetting it by the time I connect back home to edit it in. Bleh.

I've been pretty bad with responding to email. I *need* to get to it soon. Argh.