Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sun Jul 27 19:29:57 2003
All systems go

The BLOG is now on the database. It's not as clean, or error-checked, as it should be, but it works. I did a slight redesign on the topic handling stuff, and changed the schema -- I don't want topics to need to be declared before use, so now the entry-topic table doesn't use topicid, it uses topicname. pndc can now post multiple entries in one run, and it can replace entries too. Comments are disabled .. well, no, they're not at all present in the display code, there's no way to post them, etc etc. They're in the schema, but that's it. I can also start working on a RDF feed whenever I get around to it.

Oh, as for yesterday, yup, I went to the park, took a walk, read for about 2 hours on one of the hills, and went out to Sree's. It actually was an interesting drive -- it took me out past (Zets)Mingo's place, into a heavy suburb, that slowly turned into wilderness, and then when I crossed a bridge, a cute little town. Sree's non-squirrel hill restaurant wasn't big, but the food was good and plentiful. The dinner I got was actually two meals, so I had a lot to take home. I then went to a small gathering at a friend's, and we watched a really funny movie based off of an Oscar Wilde book. Finally, I went to CoffeeTree, bumped into the couple I met the day before, and chatted for a few hours. It's neat to meet intelligent, book-loving, liberal folk. I went home and slept.

You might get a kick out of this and this.

Today's a slow day. That's good -- I'm kinda tired. I might go out to eat in a bit though. The weather is really weird.