Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Aug 26 09:23:31 2003
tset must die

I used to have a number of odd systems which didn't agree on what character the backspace key should send, and so I manually stuck invocations of tset all over the place, forcing it to do what I wanted. Unfortunately, although that seemed to work for a long time, it's breaking now, and I'm not sure why. Pretty universally, removing the tsets seems to fix it (!!), so now it's just a matter of finding all the places where I put them and digging them out. Kind of frustrating. In the future, maybe I'll start keeping notes of systemwide configuration changes that I make. Oh, yes, in case I haven't talked about it before, here are some tweaks I almost always make on Unix boxes that I want to feel at home on...

Hmm. I had more, but, moving on...

During the trip home, I found some long lost stuff. One of them was my Jamiroquai CD... and the other was a lot of stuff from when I was very very young.. some stuffed animals, some early book reports, etc. I brought some of it back with me.

Oh, yes, the mod_perl version of this blog is now online. Go visit http://blog.dachte.org/live/. Google can start indexing me again. I can do custom color stuff soon. As always, although the code isn't put up for download anywhere, that's just because it's a moving target. If you want it, just email me. At some point, the default page will be that version, and at another point the CGIs will redirect you, and at another point, the CGIs will be gone, and at another point, hopefully not too soon, you and I will crumble into dust. No rush.

Some cool stuff: Mailinator Water Spiders

Yesterday, I had 2 classes. The first, a Stat class, was way too basic, so I dropped it. I replaced it with a philosophy class that looks interesting and might be relevant to my field .. maybe. Maybe it's just an excuse to take a class that looks interesting. My schedule is slightly less insane. It's updated on the web.. Ahh, yes, the other class, Cognitive Psychology, is looking to be interesting. The class doesn't look like it's going to be very deep, and there are a bunch of bozo students in there, inarticulately wringing their hands at the thought that the brain can actually be studied, and that humanity's soul can actually be pried apart with scalpels and such (for those of you who don't know me, understand that I mean soul in the figurative sense, as I don't subscribe to any other notion of soul). Yeah, when I hear people making a big deal of the difference between mind and brain, I hear someone who keeps adding more characteristics to their invisible flying monkey, in order to avoid parting with their imaginary childhood friend. Anyhow, I'll find out what the philosophy class is like later today. As an added bonus, the stats class had a lot of busywork, so when I dropped it, my schedule not only blocks better, as noted above, but also has slightly fewer class hours.

I don't like using this as a TODO list, but like how I email myself, it meets the purpose pretty well. Hell, given how I blog almost every day, I'm sure my readers have a fairly high tolerance for boring stuff, have some strange obsession with me (hmm..), or they've learned to skim. Or perhaps I don't have any readers at all. I could go look at the logs, but I'm lazy, they're hard to look at, and I have better things to do. Maybe sometime I'll write a parser. It'd be funny -- I learned Perl by writing something to parse BIND logs for the OSU Networking group, ages ago. Heh, my first code was really crappy code that was very much in the C style. Nowadays, my Perl coding style is fairly close to the standard Perl style, and has influenced my C style quite a bit, although I do tend to use prototypes in Perl, and almost always stick main program flow inside a main sub.

Ahh, yes, todo..

Yesterday, at the close of my day, I was at CoffeeTree, and I lay back in my chair and stared at the tree for about 10 minutes. It was very relaxing, and although it was probably mostly the visual effect of the wind on the leaves, it seemed like the tree was slowly rotating.