Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sat Sep 6 10:37:33 2003
Adoptive Love

I just woke from a dream.. Initially, I was, as usual, capable of some kind of limited flight, and was practicing using my bo (not that I own one in real life) with someone on the ground who also had one. Apparently, limited flight gave me a fairly large advantage, and at some point, I dropped down to my feet, and continued to practice. Later, I ended up falling in love with a woman, and ended up adopting her kid. I remember spending some family moments... It's kind of sad waking up from such things.

I remember, years ago, when taking karate, the Bo was my favorite weapon to learn. I don't think I got a very full instruction in it -- the studio I was in closed a month or so after we started doing weapons training, but I did get at least some training, and it's a fun weapon. Perhaps, like my father did with me, if I ever have a child, I might take Karate with her (him?). Classes of 2 are really fun.

A comic Fringe voter complains that they feel disenfranchised with democracy, and that they have literally no voice in politics. Mainstream voter says that what they want is crazy, and that's why they have no voice. The next step in the argument, of course, is to point out that crazy is defined by consensus, has changed over the years, blah blah. And the next, which takes things finally to their honest, underlying truth about politics, is yes, that's true, but right now we have a big majority on this rough consensus, and we're having things our way, and you lose. Get more people, and maybe we'll talk, although a lot of us feel strongly enough on these issues that we'll step outside the bounds of democracy to keep them in place. As shown in the United Nations voting stuff, and the Israeli permit-no-refugees-to-return worries, and the U.S. drug war overriding state efforts to decriminalize recreational drugs, democracy is relatively safe when you're willing to live with the outcome of the vote either way. When that doesn't hold, things get interesting.

So, the party last night went pretty well. I expected to have problems remaining social, with the work party the night before, and before that the interesting thing at work, but I didn't really have much of that at all. Also, someone from my workplace was also there, and we chatted quite a bit. Of course, Martha's evil twin was there, and near the end of the party, when we were all out back exchanging jokes and talking, she tastelessly told a joke which danced around the edges of what nastiness she did (and does not regret). Although I'll certainly feel stupid if the account I recieved of what she did was inaccurate, I have a pretty strong dislike for her. Which helps, because it masks the strong attraction I have for her, which would otherwise make me as akward as I am around the other person I'm strongly attracted to.

Interesting -- when my computer is playing music, Wally seems to be able to tell instantly when I'm singing along and turns to look at me, and sometimes gives me a yowl (as he often does conversationally).

Ahh, yes, I'm going to embarass myself in a fun way soon :) Several times a year, the geeks of CMU hold athletic events, making it pretty clear that even the *ahem* less athletic geeks will be welcome. The "Pretty Good Race", a 5 Kilometre run, is coming up for next Friday, and I'll probably do it. Competitive? Pah. It'll just be fun to see if I can do it, and hang out with other geeks trying to do the same. I'm sure there'll be a lot of more serious runners too -- one of the (3) faculty in my group is actually pretty athletic and stuff, but that's not what I'm in it for. So, if any of you, my invisible public, want to drive over to Pittsburgh to witness my folly, and ideally visit for a bit afterwards, next weekend's the time. If not, it's no big deal -- this isn't like the cross country things I did in middle/high school, and I won't feel at all pressured if I poop out or have a heart thing and need to stop. What I do hope is that I at least run far/hard enough to get really sore :)

Today, I hope to go visit 'whole foods market', perhaps get a wireless access point for my home at CompUSA, and maybe get some studying done.