Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Sep 23 20:32:12 2003
Wind-blown shadow

Imagery -- she walked across the desert, not quite part of the scene. The wind didn't touch her, the sand laid not a speck on her clothes. Her stride long, she walked purposefully, her shadow behind her, the sole thing embracing the scenery. The wind picks up, and though she does not react, a sound like a poster in the wind is made.. a flap, a rustle.. and the shadow peels *up* off the ground, away from her feet, and is carried away by the wind, like a snake in the air. Not turning, she hesistates a moment, and moves on.

Today, after philosophy class, I spoke with the professor for about half an hour on the topic of what makes a scientific theory good. I initially took predictive power to be the most important factor, perhaps dominating almost entirely the field, but he showed me how I can't give short shift to simplicity, at least in the short run. We also discussed a number of interesting experiments. It was one of the best conversations I've had in a long time. If he's interested, I'd like to see if he'd like to be the CMU faculty advisor for PUSH, which, by the way, meets tomorrow. There is an available source of funding, should/when I need it, that I recently have heard about. But yeah, one of the most important things for an enriching educational experience is to to build good connections with the professors. You learn a lot in class, sure, but you can learn a lot more outside. To my readers who are still in their first go at college, remember this. When you're done with University, you'll end up paying big bucks to learn new things (conferences, etc). Learn as much as you possibly can, and take interesting classes for your GECs. Education isn't a duty -- it's a gift, and opportunity. Stretch your mind, because it'll contract when you enter the business world. Yeah, I know, with all the schoolwork and stuff, it's easy to lose your enthusiasm for learning, but do your best to renew it when it needs to be. Most people get only one shot.

After work, I went to do a Psych experiment for class. It was kind of interesting -- on how different letter features and manipulations affect rapid recognition of other features. I also have three experiments that need to be done by the end of semester (I still think quarter, and need to correct myself).. I'm going to try to knock them out of the way within the next two weeks, so I can forget about them. There's also a report due for psych soon. I hope amazon's shipment of the requisite book arrives soon... Reflecting on taking class while working, it's working out pretty well. It's sucked a good amount of my spare time away, but I'm coping pretty well, and the extra hours in a day at CMU arn't too bad. Oh, Andrew has some new Biometric recorders that he's getting in for some projects, and, because I'm interested, I'm volunteering to have my temperature, pulse, and eventually location (maybe, depends on if they get the equipment) monitored for close to 24 hours a day. Some people like privacy, some people revel in its opposite. I'd like to start signing up for the paid experiments at CMU to supplement my income. They, of course, work out to pay a good deal less, per hour, than my current salaried job, but, of course, I'm salaried :) A little more money, if it can pay for lunch/dinner most days, would be quite nice, and it's all in the name of science..

Oh, California is banning spam. This is a good thing, I think..

Brr... evenings are starting to get cold, and the evenings are getting dark early again..

I'm working on the login screen for my blog now...