Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Sep 23 23:23:55 2003
Music, Mojo, and Logins

Was just talking with my musician friend again.. he reminds me a lot of Charles. I miss Charles... Anyhow, we talked about the relationship between moods, creative energy, making music, and inspiration. It was a good talk, but hard to summarize. I'm glad I did so much music when I was younger -- otherwise I wouldn't be able to have such interesting conversations with musicians... I really should start playing something again...

Oh, yes, the development version of my BLOG, on my laptop, now has logins fully working. It turns out that handling a POST request required very little additional coding. For those of you that arn't geeky enough to know, most of the time, when you're interacting with a webpage, your browser is using GET requests, where it simply provides the hostname and the document path, and the server usually hands it over. Occasionally, when you're dealing with forms, or uploading files, it uses another type of request, where instead of just sending that data, it also provides key-parameter values in a special format (no, CGIs like altavista are usually still done with GET requests). Anyhow, it wasn't hard to parse those requests, so at least locally, I have a login button, and logging in changes to my test monochrome colour scheme. Now I need to make a screen for users to edit their preferences and info, so logins will be useful. At that point, I'll probably sync to my actual BLOG -- there's no real point doing it earlier. I think it'll be pretty easy to add comments after that. Oh, yes, apparently, my code for setting temporary cookies doesn't work. I'll need to figure that out soon -- I really want to use cookies that expire on browser close instead of long-lived ones.. but for now, long-lived cookies are ok.

It's SO COLD out right now. It's not a good time to be doing programming outside of Coffee Tree... and it's just going to get colder. I'll need to switch from fall jackets to my winter coat soon if I keep up the late night trips here.

Well, I'm gonna try to get my psych homework done and maybe do some more coding for work before I go to bed.. not yet sure if I'll give in to the cold and do that at home or not.. Brrrrrrr