Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Sep 30 18:25:19 2003
A face made for sadness

I hold up your face in my hands, it is a face simply at its best expressing sadness. I approve, but it's for another season. A sly smile, amusement, laughter, such are the sounds of today. I think it's a holiday, or something like that. Beat up the robot, and sing that stupid song, or waltz. It moved unseen, not over the water, but through the crowd. A silent parade, only for the participants. The sight of horse boots revealing all to those with eyes to see. You see his wings, and mistake his nature. Not caring about you, to pervert or praise, but with seperate ends. Nature is a wolf. Noble, and those that defend it purely out respect for that. The best loyalty. Religion was never about fidelity to one's god(s), or vice versa, but rather ensuring the fidelity of one human to another. I dance through your hoops today, but at my whim -- you can't control me. She is free to scribble on reality, with a glance, lines are drawn through the sky, her sky. All with the safety of knowing that she won't have to remember how it was before, a liberty denied to true creators. A knock on the door, and the dreams fade. The simple room that I haven't seen for so long, my base ground, resolves into view, and I have a visitor. Sanity returns, the songbird gone for so long, and it is trailed by a visitor. You get off the floor, and open the door.

To be politically rather incorrect, something I agree with. Read it yourself, and really give it some thought. I think this is a topic that has bad associations, historically, but should be retrieved and wiped off.

Oh, and here's another, although the other thing the band did is completely unacceptable, and I would stop them, or do my best, if I saw it.

For today's "Oh, and that makes it alright?" moment, look here.

This article is funny, but the real gems are the links to similar stories at the bottom. Anyone have an URL for pics of this? Al Jazeera has an article on the Mandeans, a fairly obscure religion in Iraq. And finally, water is weird

I'll have some philosophy for you soon.

Oh, yeah, I'm ready to make accounts, so email me for one and we'll get you logging in soon and leaving comments soon. Huzzah.

Wed Oct 1 17:56:08 2003

Oh, yeah, I'm starting to go through my old entries and leave comments...