Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Oct 2 08:55:04 2003
O RI GA MI man

I'm experimenting with ways to prevent mid-day sleepiness.. as mentioned before, it tends to hit me about an hour after lunch, and if I have classes that day, I tend to come pretty close to falling asleep. As you can imagine, that's not ideal.. so I'm starting to carry small cans of either corn or peas/carrots with me, to see if a light snack will revive me. No news yet -- for the last two days I didn't get that sleepiness.. It might be that it'll go away for the winter, as for me, the discomfort of cold tends to keep me awake. I hate northern winters... last night, I had to wrap myself in 3 blankets and curl into a ball to get warm enough to fall asleep. Maybe I should get myself one of those heated blankets. Heck, maybe that'd help with my insomnia regardless of the weather..

Food... I've been drinking lots of grape juice again.. and I came across an article that suggests that it might offer many of the same health benefits of wine.

Schwarzenneger has more smoke to blow at you. I loathe him -- everything he has to say is staged in populist icing, playing up his movie-based popularity, and according to that article, other pop-culture garbage. I don't think he's a bad actor ... he's one of those actors that I find amusing, but what the hell does he think he's doing running for office? Just like that retired military guy who entered the democratic presidential race, he's a newbie running for something big, using popularity completely unrelated to politics to appeal to the stupid, wide-eyed american commoner.

On that topic, and not mentioned in that article, apparently Schwarzenneger is a big enemy of American Indian interests, and there's been a lot of fuss by the tribes about this. Last weekend, I spoke about this with my friend when he came to visit, along with another friend who we bumped into while walking around oakland. I find it problematic that American Indian tribe members have privileges by treaty that the rest of Americans lack -- it strikes me as being a racist inequity. It was pointed out that most of the benefits have legislative power equal to that of state-level government.. so maybe that's not as much a problem as I originally thought -- if a state could have such laws within its borders, then that's mostly a matter of distribution of authority (which I don't like, but it's not in the same league as institutionalized racism).. but there still are some privileges that override federal laws. I would like to see those dismantled. How can one do that without breaking the treaties? We can simply look to the past -- at the time the treaties were made, the tribes were not being made citizens, they were simply .. umm.. given .. the land (the worst land that could be found, but I digress) and were left mostly alone (except by the bloody missionaries, but again I digress). It was only later that they were made citizens, given voting rights and all that. I suggest a political-philosophical principle -- for breakaway communities, you either are part of them, with whatever degree of autonomy you've arranged and no citizenship (that is, no voting, no participation in politics, etc), or you're not, and no special rules/privileges apply to you and you're a citizen. The same rules should apply to the Amish/Mennonites (who have special tax exemptions), the Tribes, Puerto Rico, and the like.

Of course, it would be nice if the anti-gambling stuff (state-level issue) were gone countrywide...

This makes me nervous. On first glance, it *feels* like the the government is atttempting to centralize research, and I worry that their 'fast-track' language indicates that they'll be attempting to reduce the testing time required for new drugs by the FDA. I think that people should be permitted to take whatever drugs they want, for whatever reason, but that FDA certification should mean something, and that people who only take certified drugs will be safer. People should, I beleve, be allowed to live lives with the safeties off if they want, but certain safeties should be provided by the state (political sense).

Finally, there's an open session on BLOGs today that I'm likely to skip psych class to go to. So long as I'm careful, I can probably do that every so often in a semester. In some ways, CMU reminds me of being at a never-ending O'Reilly Conference -- so much to do, and even if you schedule something, you can always change your mind. Woot.

I probably won't be visibly blogging so much for awhile, because I'm working on leaving comments on old entries, fleshing out topic pages, and re-topicing old entries. I'm sure you'll notice the changes (some of which are already made) as you wander around the site...