Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Oct 10 07:25:59 2003
unshift(@sands, $speck)

Instead of making new entries, I've been going theough every single old one and sorting them into topics. It's been painful, as I have a

at the topics page if you like -- the categories now are actually pretty decently populated (although there are some early entries about pets that still need to be put into that category).

I need to get to work early today because a client is visiting, so this can't be too long.

Here's someone who's been struck by some seriously malfunctioning government.. Heck, he might as well have been found guilty of blasphemy.. A company is basing its business on slim technical ground, but because it thinks it's entitled to make a profit, it's suing when its lousy scheme for 'content protection' is broken. Nice. The community will rip apart any attempts to hoard information, but this particular technical attempt is pathetically weak, making the DVD region code stuff look like Fort Knox. Nice one, SunnComm (maybe we should've known when they can't spell Sun correctly in their company name that this is not a company fated for great things)...

You've probably heard, Schwarzenegger got elected in California, and is promising no new taxes. Maybe this will turn out well for the Dems after all -- the man is clearly, in the sphere of politics, an idiot. Unlike another politician we could name, however, he might have some brains in other areas.. Money doesn't grow on trees, and California's problems are tied to money matters. Either he'll pull the state into debt, or he'll shut down a bunch of important services, if he's opposed to more state income. If not, well, where's he going to pull the money from? I guess California voters are going to watch, as star power collides with reality. Here is some analysis that suggests something creepy about the election..

Something Obvious: Multiple Monitors increases Productivity. Good to see a study on it though -- maybe some bosses will take the hint.

The giant has eaten, and is uninterested in anything but a nap.. Of course, it doesn't help that some bozo company is suing them, as I mentioned before. At least Microsoft is doing the right thing, and sidestepping them instead of giving those jerks money. Stupid Eolas.

An article on Israel-Palestine that I mostly agree with..

Secret Penguin Lairs. Muhahahahaha

More later..