Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Oct 15 12:03:32 2003
Laugh and Shove

I step back, see my life, and take steps to try to make it simpler, more open, honest, less painful, and yet the universe, amused at my determination, takes its broad hand, reaches into my life, and shoves me back, laughing as I tumble backwards. I laugh too -- when the universe laughs, why not join in.. I know what I want, but I can admit there's something tragically comic at my efforts. Embrace the boot, and the ant beneath it.

I was told my bike'd be done this morning. I stopped by, and they hadn't started yet, so I went to work. On the way there, the shove happened.. And I found myself breaking, in a sense, a very new pledge. Well, I guess I'll try harder, unless things resolve very differently than I expect.

Some Ohio Lawmakers are worried that the Iraqi reconstruction will hurt the economy, taking funds from them. Their fears are well-founded, I think -- the wars and their aftermaths have resulted in fewer federal funds all over the place, threatening some non-federal areas of government with bankruptcy, and closing or lessening a lot of important programs. Way to go, BushJr... but, and this is an important but, now that the U.S. has opened this huge can of worms, as horrible a mistake as it was to do so, I think there's now a responsibility to minimize the damage and try to put things back together reasonably well. BushJr should be impeached and tossed in jail (as it's been so aptly pointed out, lying about fidelity is certainly no worse than lying about leading a country down a path of war), but using an analogy of a Dissociative Personality sufferer, when sanity returns to the helm and we see what a mess we've made, we should try to put things right. No, that doesn't mean putting Saddam back in power, or funding Osama and pals again, it means we should set up a reasonably quick transition to a stable, non-despotic government there, and be willing to commit resources for awhile to fix any instability. It would probably help a great deal if our glorious leader (pretzels be unto him) wern't simultaneously trying to figure out a way to use the reconstruction to put more money into all the transnational companies he and his pals run and fix things.. A pretty good case has been made to me that that's why he's resisting greater involvement from other countries -- a company town is pretty lucrative.

Speaking of shady politics, how about fake letters to newspapers, managed by some commander, sent forth to boost the war? Schmuck. I'm glad he got caught... I wish it would end his career.

The saudis are in an interesting position, politically. Some factions in the government want to modernize, well, there's a snobbish word.. westernize, perhaps.. And like in Iran, which was in this situation not so long ago, they're facing a balancing act between the conservatives and the more liberal factions in their government. Saudi efforts at reform are going to be fascinating to watch, like the continual Russian efforts to modernize, although with more of a cultural focus.

I dunno about the content of this article, but the picture's pretty funny. If the quip at the end is right, Clark's revealed some things that might get him into trouble. Also, looks like the U.S. has been acting stupid"> with regards to its nearest neighbors.

On a completely different note, want to see something insane? Grab [http://www.cpan.org/authors/Tom_Christiansen/scripts/ckaddr.gz and take a look at the truly insane regex at the end of it. It's designed to determine if a given email address format is RFC-(2)822 compliant, a topic that I'm currently touching on a bit at work. It's about 10 pages of really ugly regex. *shudder*

I've really noticed recently how some things said in the Women's Studies class I took back in University were correct, in particular the 'second gender effect'. Specifically, I've noticed how, when I think of an arbitrary person, I tend to automatically give it the attribute of being male. Apparently, this effect is nearly universal in our culture, but it still bothers me, I think partly because I'd like to see myself, and spread to the rest of society, as being genderblind for most purposes.

I have a midterm tomorrow. Nervous...