Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Oct 15 19:50:29 2003
Struts under the dock

I've been tweaking the topic code again, and working on the descriptions for some of the topics. A few are posted, more are not ready for prime time. One thing I'm surprised about is that the postgres query engine can do queries on the results of functions over selects.. hmm.. that's such a horrible way to word it. Here's what I'm surprised works: select * from foo where lower(name)='bill'; I wonder if it's mandated by the standard, or if it's an extention.. I know it, at least in theory, should be slower than the most efficient way to do equivilence queries could be -- instead of doing clever hashing on the values, it needs to actually iterate over the entire table to construct the lowercase version of each foo.name. I wonder if it does "The Right Thing" with queries not using equivilence, instead using something like IN. Anyhow, scoot yourself back to the main page, and check out my topics and their descriptions. I also fixed a bug relating to casing, so the BLOG topic works correctly.

Tonight's another PUSH meeting.. 9pm, Posvar Hall on Pitt campus.. so, R2 or anyone else I know who's expressed interest but hasn't shown up, you're welcome to join us :)

Not quite done with my take-home exam for psych yet. It's due tomorrow morning. Ugh.