Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Mon Oct 20 14:32:00 2003
We are known by the spears they pierce us by

Here's the ultimate expression of a trend I consider to be sick. Firstly, I find it really sad that people have so much of an urge to standardize on English, throughout the world. Sure, it's a decent language, but it's not that special, and further, even a really good language (like Japanese, with the Kanji snipped out) wouldn't be a good thing to standardize on -- linguistic diversity gives us, collectively, access to so many of the treasures of humanity.. literature, poetry, music, that would be chopped off at the knees if we all went to English. It also takes away part of the stuff that, even should a single world order come about, should not be lost. Knowing many languages is part of being cultured, and is a worthwhile distinctiveness. Next thing you know, Korean families will be sending their kids to a plastic surgeon to make them look more western. At that point, I'll have torn all my hair out :) Ein Welt, eine Sprache? Nein! Besides, a cute accent can be very attractive.. *happy sigh*

Sound on my laptop is .. a little bit flakey sometimes. The latest kernels, which I haven't upgraded to, might fix the problem.. today, I thought that something finally broke when I couldn't play music at all, but it turned out that my headphones were plugged only halfway into the hole, causing the driver to somehow get confused. Heh.

I'm doing a late lunch today, and so I'm at Kiva Han instead of Srees (which is likely closed). I like it here -- I've occasionally stopped by here after work, to vary my routine a bit. Like CoffeeTree, it has a Telerama Access Point.. The food's decent, and the environment is physically nicer than CoffeeTree.. The people are less interesting but more numerous than there..

Last night, I stayed up late and got ahead on my homework.. a good thing, considering that I have two big assignments due this Thursday. After that, and after I finish my big work assignment (should be done by end of this week), my stress level will drop to normal levels again. Yay.