Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sat Dec 13 22:20:50 2003
Shopping for bits

I took more of a look at XML stylesheets today, mainly with the intent of reworking the HTML my BLOG software spits out, improving the looks while simplifying the code. After a bit of poking around the sites of a few people who I know are technically in the know on how to do it right, I decided that Mike Shaver, formerly of Mozilla/Netscape, had the blog that most resembles what I want mine to look like. I poked at the HTML, and it looks nice and clean, although it has some elements that I've never used before. So, I saved it to local disk, and edited it, adding comments as to what DIV tag closing matches what DIV. I then started inserting similar tags into a saved copy of the output of my blog, and got something sort of similar (with the colors overwritten). Not bad. I did need to insert calls to use shaver's css files though. Now that I'm convinced that redoing my HTML to use DIVs and CSS is feasable, and I have a vague idea how to do so, it's time to start reading about them... The tricky thing is that although it doesn't look too hard to have predefined styles for my website, I'd ideally like to be able to have arbitrary colours and stuff for things (as is presently possible and implemented). Maybe it won't be a problem -- I don't really know enough about what's possible yet. This is another steep learning curve for me to climb, although I get the feeling the view will be spectacular from the top (like Unix). I've already learned enough that I can do some small cool tricks..

Completely unrelated, I did some minor updates to my website. There's still a lot to do, but I don't feel very motivated..

It's kind of a bummer not having my bike. It's going to be a long cold walk to India Garden tonight..