Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Dec 16 01:13:03 2003

Apart from stuff for work, tonight I made some decent steps towards getting my BLOG redesigned in CSS. Process:

  1. wget the HTML my BLOG generates for the front page
  2. Hack on that saved copy, frequently reloading in mozilla
  3. wget again when you see you've been heading in the wrong direction. Repeat ad nauseum
  4. Get 'close' to something presentable
  5. Fine tune it

I have a nice mockup for you to look at. Note: It'll probably be ugly if your resolution is low, or if your browser doesn't do CSS very well (or at all). Also, as I'm still learning CSS, I might be doing some things wrong. In any case, there's a lot I can do to improve it, but it's not a start that I'm ashamed of. You'll notice that the entries are still tables, as I haven't converted them yet. Neat stuff: The search will link to google, with a restriction to search my blog. The Topics will be all the topics defined in the database, naturally taking you to the appropriate topic page when clicked. The 'Huh' will explain what accounts are.

Ahh, a brief thought for you... A challenge.. Relate the role of the end of noble/royal rule, the changing characteristics of warfare, and social experimentation in the context of Europe in the last 300 years.