Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Jan 16 08:02:52 2004
Air Fair

I had a dream last evening that I was in a class taught by my boss, and there was a graded homework's grade being announced, and I got a 10% grade on it. After some nagging, I got him to let me see it (it was due to be handed out at some later date), and it turned out that although I did fill it out, I handed in a version of the homework from the website, which was apparently different from the one handed out in class a few classes ago. I complained that it wasn't fair, as I had done the homework, and he said that it wouldn't be fair to the other students to grade me on the (shorter) web-downloaded version of the homework. After waking up, this reminded me of a distinction in the way we use the word fair -- fair to me versus fair to the rest of the class. One refers to an idea of good work done diligently without any attempts to bend or break the rules naturally leading, according to the idea, to good results. The second refers to the notion of an 'even playing field' that doesn't give rise to jealousy from privilege or disadvantage of the players.

It looks like there's a change in plan for the upcoming conference, at least for me. I was going to drive, but cheap tickets were found, so I'll be flying. I arranged the times so I'll be leaving a bit after work on Friday, and will be getting back very early Monday morning, so I won't miss school or work.

Looks like Califnordia's new governor is having some problems... residents of the state don't want more bonds to pay for essential services. The poll concludes that they like him, but not how he wants to pay for things. I'm not very sympathetic -- that's what happens when you elect someone just because THEY'RE A MOVIE STAR. STUUUUPID! He hasn't done anything magic to make the financial problems go away.. he's shut down services and is trying to borrow some money. Let this be a lesson to the American public -- movie stars (California) and people like the idiot next door (BushJr).. their approachability and admirability don't give them magic powers. Just like fancy clothes over warm, durable ones, the voters have bought image. Watch their wallets bleed as they freeze to death, the best-dressed people in the morgue.