Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Feb 6 00:42:16 2004
Arguments with one's shadows

First, this is funny. I'm mainly going to talk about jwz's response to the legal battle over bones found in the Americas that some Indian tribes have claimed. Their argument is that it's one of their ancestors, and as such they have the legal right to claim it under an act called Nagpra. For the record, I entirely agree with jwz's take on it, and I don't even think his quote is out of line: Hey, I've got an idea! Let's take this scientific treasure, and instead of using it to learn more about the origin of our whole species, let's give it to some dumbass and let him dump it in a hole in the ground. Dear Umatilla, Yakama, Colville and Nez Perce tribes: I'm really very sorry that someone I'm not even related to gave your great-great-great-grandfather smallpox, but fuck you: get over it already.

Someone in the discussion board does make a point, so let's clarify and expand it -- can not treating the corpse be likened to disrespecting more immediate ancestors? In fact, can dead bodies be owned, or have some kind of policy for their use set for them? I understand that a lot of people have an emotional attachment to the concept of their body after their death, and in fact would be uncomfortable with the idea of it being somewhere other than the ground until it's indistinguishable from dirt. Personally, I don't think highly of said privilege, and think, at least intellectually, that once the brain stops function for the last time, that it might as well be a tree stump, with little more concern than that. However, I've learned, over my years, that when I disagree so strongly with common public views, that either I'm missing something, this is an area where materialist atheism yields a very different worldview, and/or at the very least, I shouldn't use the topic for conversations at a party (not that I go to many).

Apparently the Persians were jealous of BushJr (pbuh)'s faith-based prisons.

This comic entry reminds me of someone. I'd bet everyone knows someone who's well-described by it though...

Apparently, the next version of Java is now in beta. This is cool -- Java's a neat language, and the new features look useful. I'd like to upgrade our Tomcat4 install at work to 1.5...