Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Feb 10 23:44:19 2004
Sawdust in the pond

I just finished another coding run on my BLOG. The old preference system is now completely removed, with even all the defaults moved into CSS. At the cost of things not looking nice for non-CSS-capable browsers, all setting of colours, fonts, and the like is done through the CSS header. I also finished getting the rest of the code ready for the landing of themes and user-specific CSS. It's all about turning the following from a stub to a useful function: merge_user_css($dbh, $user, $csshash)

It'll take some database support, na klar, but really it's all fairly straightforward. I'd also like to make it easy for even non-registered users to set their theme via a cookie. CSS has turned out very well..