Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sun May 2 21:37:03 2004
Lawyers have Heart

Here's proof that lawyers really have a heart.. Debb forwarded me this piece of legal training she has to undergo.

I'm actually disappointed in this. Sharon's plan, while not leading to the kind of integrated society that's the hallmark of modern times, was nontheless a possible path to peace that wasn't incredibly jingoist, and I really had hoped to see it tried. Maybe it still will be.

I think I've decided on 3 geeky things.. first, I'm going to seriously start using that person+role@place.com thing. Secondly, I'm going to allow anonymous comments on my BLOG. Third, I'm going to get an iPod, with the provision that I find a way to make it work under Linux and play OGG files.

On the third note, I got to play with an iPod today, and it's darned cool. It can run linux, you can download text and read it on the thing, it can act as an alarm clock, it has games, and there's a third party tool that lets you record onto it.

Oh, the local Giant Eagle is open 24/7 now. Hurrah!