Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed May 5 10:05:55 2004
Sharp Hills, Frozen Words

A casual stroll, the dead bodies on the side of the road, in one case squirrel and deer, in the other, humans, fallen prey to hands of the earth, the roots themselves empowered to touch the transgressor. Jealousy becomes justice, and the way of things resumes its regular tempo. The transgressions soon become a mockery of themselves, a new beehive, a dead tree for the vines.

Here's some science certain to make conservatives unhappy -- The procedure is that test-tube eggs are fertilized, and those that happen to have the desirable genetics for good tissue characteristics for being able to help out their sibling with tissue donation are implanted in the mother. These things are ethically interesting.. there's a quote at the end that we can start with -- "Of all the reasons people have babies, this would seem to be a wonderful reason. Most reasons are either mindless sex or selfish reasons." Is it self-interest that drives people to have kids, rather than adopt or simply apply the same effort they'd give to their kids for the greater good of kids/humanity everywhere? I'm inclined to think it is -- people identify with their kids and family in ways that they don't for society at large, and while adopted kids probably get some of that, I imagine it wouldn't be the same for most people. Somehow, the biological urge to have kids has transformed into a psychological, and partly societal idea that a kid isn't really one's unless it shares their genes. And I can't really condemn it except on a very abstract way -- I seem to want the same thing. Back to the procedure, I guess it still makes me somewhat uneasy, probably because of my earlier position on abortion..

Michael Moore apparently has a new film that's not likely to see the light of day in the United States. This reminds us of the dangers of consolidation without neutrality -- as market shares continues to consolidate into the hands of a few players, there's a narrowing of viewpoint likely unless the few players are forced to be more open as their marketshare increases. Of course, this cuts both ways -- while it's possible for said groups to collectively and accidentally keep people out, it's also much easier to negotiate with such a smaller number of groups for a number of other things, such as ecologically responsible ways of business. In other words, pure competition is great if you accept market values, whatever they lead to, and Ubercapitalism is a distinct danger which can lead to an oligarchy of whaatever values the consolidated plutarchs have, but it is possible that said plutarchs might be principles or be negotiated with, individually or in sum. Could we say that pure-competition is Plato's mob rule, while consolidated-capitalism is Autocracy?

AMD is neck-and-neck with Intel.

Stuff like this reminds me why I still consider Iran a backwards place. Of course, the same kind of thing would've likely happened in the McCarthy Era in the United States, for anyone high-profile who criticized capitalism -- there are dangerous times of Orthodoxy over here too, they just arn't continuous. Speaking of which, I just got some more pro-war propoganda in the e-mail. Of course, nowadays I like to google such chain letters to see if they're who they say they're from (they often arn't), and if they're accurate (they're also often not). Here's one of the results..

In another twist in a long saga of confusion, Redhat is making yet another version of their Linux -- Redhat Desktop Linux. From what I imagine, it'll simply be a bottom-end version of RedHat Enterprise Linux, itself a packaged, refined version of Fedora.

A few days ago, I accidentally left my phone in the fridge, and it took me a while to find it (I normally ring it up when I can't find it, but the fridge is relatively soundproof).. I think it got in there because I dropped it into the groceries when I was shopping (sometimes I go while wearing shorts that lack pockets..) It was strange...

Check out the new issue of The Onion..