Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu May 20 14:24:17 2004
The Spiritual Leanings of Soil

The hands move over the dead body, so still... a gentle touch, flesh against flesh.. or is it flesh? A gathering of life, touch of food on the body, gentle splash of body.. Not demanding an exception to the rules of life, not expecting, just no thought, and a quiet gift. Can it breathe again? Can the abused body become a living being? Grandson of Herb, I reach out to you again, borrow from Gaia your share.

A few nights ago, I had dinner with a friend who's leaving town, heading to California. It seems that everyone's going to the west coast.. I wish her well -- she's been a good friend.

I've been reading a bit about Halal, the Islamic notion of a 'proper/ethical way of life', including ways of eating, dressing, acting, etc. In connection with the changes at work, and my work experience in former workplaces, I think it's important to think of a pervasive system of good living that can be applied to the workplace, an analogue of 'halal management', perhaps. To provide some context, Kosher and Halal dietary restrictions are partly about humane ways of killing for food. In each, animals are still killed for food. As such, ways of managing businesses might be found that are the least dehumanizing but still workable.. as a brief aside, I notice here that the term 'humane' and 'dehumanizing' both tie the notion of good living with being human, and while I like good living, I think the linguistic tie is bad. We don't live in 1984-land.. Anyhow, while business school presumably teaches people the most efficient way to run a business, managing people and resources most effectively, I find myself wondering whether they put effort into making the workplace as fulfilling as it might be for people. Like Capitalism in a pure form is a disaster for the environment, efficient management in a pure form is a disaster for the people who are so managed. What do people cherish in day-to-day work life, and how can businesses be arranged to best provide that without becoming monstrously inefficient? We might start this search many ways -- examining what makes the people with the money happy, or what discontents the masses.. It's possible that people really want different things, but there may be some strong common threads of things that make people happy/unhappy. Of course, there are also the people who see work as just something to pay the bills. Ideally things would be arranged so that people resemble wild horses more than broken ones. I don't have any answers on this yet ... I know what makes me unhappy, at least, some of said things, and have ideas on how they might be fixed.. but I'd like to be able to speak more comprehensively before I say more..

The coloured sand blew gently over the hills, a foot pushes forward, through the sand.. (but when we think of a foot, do we actually think of a bare foot, or do we think of shoes and some pant leg?) .. Apocalypse is over, and those who have seen the end are back again, battered gods with a new world to shape. Some of them clustered in places that were familiar.. York or Leeds, building fires, trying to feel the bones of the dead beneath their feet. Others moved further out, settling in the countryside.. is this a way to spend eternity? An endless trampling of past gardens? ... In this new realm, the game is different, and I saw you.. had a chance to explain myself.. you looked back at me, sympathy was in your eyes, but you didn't say anything, didn't tell me how it could be better. I waited for what I thought you would say, but the conversation drifted to the trivial, and, disappointed, I wandered off alone.

An insight -- tweak my mail client so the timestring thing remembers the last number it handed out and increments by exactly 1. This will, na klar, mean that the timestring doesn't tightly resemble the recieved time as much as it does now, but it's still close enough on the scales I'm interested in that it's not a big deal, and, more importantly, it makes it easier for wildcards to match related messages... It also should make mail retrieval faster. .. I decided to just implement it really quickly, and it indeed does make mail a lot faster (previously I was sleeping 2 seconds between each message reciept). I did it with closures instead of with a global variable.. not bad.

Miguel is still wondering why nobody is coming to his Mono party. Arnold is unhappy that his face is on a bobble-head. I've always found it very irritating that the government has decided that actors and the like 'own' their likeness, and images of them or too close to them, or really anything that might be connected to them is something they can control. It's even to the point, as noted in the article, that sounding too much like someone can be problematic. Sure, roll your eyes, and say that without such protections, we wouldn't have people in the field. Better I think that we lose some niceties and have a lot of freedoms in this regard than commit ourselves to being a wealthy but enslaved people. A bunch of Microsoft/SCO-funded folk, the Torquemada institute, as I'll call them, have been trying to dig up dirt on Linus, and got caught. On their site, as I visited it again to BLOG it, I came across an advert for the following funny project. Speaking of voting, this person is perhaps in trouble. She's done us a public service, pointing out that Diebold is among the most dangerous type of corporation -- a corrupt company with close government ties and a direct line to mess up one of the most vital instruments of our nation.

Israel's been having fun, destroying homes, killing protesters, and expanding support of settlements. Nicht genug Lebensraum, ich denke.. Es wurd gut, die Israeli-Hawks denken, ob die ganze Holigestadt hat nur ein reines Volk. Of course, BushJr, being the decisive leader, has decided to "urge restraint". In other news, as I predicted, a slap on the wrist was given to one of the people guilty of the abuses at Abu Ghraib. He was booted from the military and is to spend a year in jail, which is apparently the maximum penalty. Such a small price to pay for the kind of damage he did to those prisoners... Some Muslims call for his death, and while I'm iffy on the death penalty, I think life imprisonment would definitely be appropriate. Instead, the guy will just bear a year in jail, will go back home to his drinking buddies, and probably be congratulated for "giving the towel-heads what they deserve". The real problem, for the administration, is that they were dumb enough to take pictures and film of their atrocities, not that the atrocities happened. It's massively inappropriate for the U.S., which, along with Europe, and moreso than Israel, Turkey, Iran, and Syria (my decreasing rings of how civilized places seem to be), puts forth a lot of effort in being tolerant, liberal, and culturally advanced, to care so little for human dignity in its prisoners. Anything like that happening over here would cause large scale riots.. Perhaps it's mostly an appearance thing -- regressive nationalism is big in America too.. Fortunately, the Europeans are working on ways to keep Americans from peeking into their communications. On Perlmonks, there's another fun idea on how to frustrate the law when it comes to demand your data. I am impressed that Colin Powell has the guts to admit he was wrong in his push for war in Iraq. I would be amused to see the 2nd Iraq war noted in history books as the "Oops!" war.

Sorry for this groaner title I'm creating.. American Anti-Obesity Programme Fails to Fit Through the Door While we're being silly, imagine people enduring eight years of a sexless marrage (blah blah normal spelling sucks blah blah). Sex is an important part of relationships.. well, most relationships. In this case, the couple probably could've used a cluestick. Some clever Germans have made a mockup of classic MacOS in Flash. For the conspiracy buffs, here are 50 fishy things about the beheading of Nick Berg. I *really* want to see this film -- the Edukators.

If you're using CVS or Subversion, it's probably a good time to upgrade. I've been meaning to try Subversion a bit more -- I'm going to upgrade my laptop to Fedora2 when I get the time to back it up -- after that I'll probably start using Subversion regularly. You might want to donate to Mozilla.org..

Russian class is turning out pretty well -- the language has a really neat sound, the professor is really cool, and .. I think I've missed learning language things.