Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed May 26 11:33:45 2004
The Badgers of Squirrel Hill

A sense of urgency, the unhappy need to simplify, not do things the natural way... and then something moves, a complication disappears, and there's time, just enough time, to do things right.. each turn fully developed.. not a lot of tolerance for imprecision though..

I think of the cadence of your speech, no words.. the distinctive vocal patterns.. I can almost hear it.. talking with no content.. it's not a concrete memory or construction.. but it's clearly sensory. Memories of impressions are kind of funny things... the memory of an anticipation, or of a desire, or of things like this.. hard to summon.

Last night, I took Jason back to Cleveland.. it was another strange break from reality.. drinking from the past.. So many conversations.. conversations I might've had years ago if things had ended up differently. And now things are back to normal.. urban design, marrage and commitment, various good books to read, consumerism... it was nice to have someone to talk to again. One conversation concerned doubts as to sustainability of marrage -- the worry that people will drift apart in time, and what was once a strong connection will, over the years, become a weak one. I don't see things that way -- I think that a lot of the time, when people are in proximity, friends or life partners, their progression in life is shaped by each other, and that keeps people from changing too much in divergent directions. Further, a good partnership or a strong friendship provides a mirror by which each person can better progress, and so, far from marrage stunting personal growth, doing without it, long-term, may be like shaving without a mirror. Despite all I've seen, and what I've experienced, I think traditional notions of love, fidelity, and even marrage(sic), or some social equivalent, is quite a good thing for happiness and personal growth, and it's something I'd like to have someday. I hope someday to find a third (or fourth, or ...) person who I can get enthused about sharing my life with, with those expectations/hopes. We also talked about the hills of Pittsburgh, how they differ from San Francisco's hills (to me, Pittsburgh's hills seem a lot less structured -- SF's hills seem like a contractor was hired to make hills), differences in the public transit, the tendency, as business gets bigger, for it to be less of a fun place to work, what it means to feel like part of a community, and ways restaurants are arranged. We walked around a lot of Squirrel Hill, tried to go rock climbing (but arrived too late for the class), and visited IKEA. It was awesome -- I wish I had had more time, but schoolwork and stuff adds up when not attended to. It's odd though -- I feel like I've been walking through old pictures -- 5 years ago, was it?

A swirl of thoughts.. "I died in Nam" "Moonlighting as a rock".. seeing the rocks wander on the road, on campus.. so many out of place rocks... She's swimming up to me.. "You wouldn't get back with her, would you?" "Maybe" Treating all claims that people must do XX because their religion says so as instead that they simply choose to do XX. Cut through the excuses that let people get away with things because of this. We must learn not to care, to routinely discard the privileges people claim because of faith, real or not. Faith is not privileged, it is not a hall pass. You say you must do XX because your faith tells you to. No, you do it because you find XX, or some causal chain relating to that, to be good, and we treat you without the institutionalized redirection to the unassailable, which we still assail, by the way. "Interesting Liberal Persons" -- a better name, or description, at least, of a group we seek.

Good Value Analysis is nonparameterized. To be honest, which is hard for many philosophies, includes the ability to follow other value weightings, or parameterizations, into the different arrangements they suggest, without pretending that they all result in one's own arrangement, or, worse yet, that there is only one parameterization. Unusual honesty/openness is the hallmark of good philosophy, more than novelty or boldness. I note with joy that many of the criticisms of the left I made earlier, as a libertarian, remain things I can stand behind, with the provision that I temporarily re-parameterize my values in the Libertarian way.

I've often felt that this would be a good idea.. I also wouldn't mind doing stuff like this..

China, as I might've commented on before, isn't too keen on paying royalties on foreign standards, and so is doing its own development of replacement technology. This is a good thing for China, and for the world. IP is a very bad thing, and if China's moves result in a freer world, go China! It's amusing, in a sense, that a country where most civil liberties are relatively restricted, that other such liberties, freedom from claims of people who decide they own abstract concepts and shove people around because of it, are better preserved. Plutocrats exist everywhere.. but in their conflict, freedom can be found..

A Fundie Exodus? Sounds wonderful. They can finally see that their rosy picture of the past has a complete disconnect with reality, and watch, more visibly, their children leave their sheltered lives.. or maybe they'll just get out of the rest of our faces.

It's funny how, when it happens to the right people, even the least interesting of events is big news. BushJr fell off of a bike.

I'm thinking about converting my BLOG to use something like Wikipedia's markup language. Hell, maybe I'll do a complete rewrite, and attempt to make a hybrid Wiki/blog piece of software.. might be interesting.

Jason pointed me at the Palm interface to slashdot. It's a lot thinner than the main interface -- tempting to use it for that reason. Here's another interesting thing: a device to record all conversations and a lot of images from one's life. How would that change the world? I think quite a lot -- there are a lot of people.. most people, perhaps nearly all, who are unaware of the fine details of their lives, and misremember conversations, events, things seen and done, and think their memories are, nontheless, complete. To have authoritative record, and to be able to check on it in these circumstances to resolve differing accounts or to review interpretive processes, I don't know if that would force people to mature, or if it would destroy them.. truth as a drug may be lethal in sufficient concentration.

A laugh, you spin around in delight... and overwhelm me.. I doubt your sanity even as I admire the beauty of your personality.