Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sun Jun 6 21:22:24 2004
Steering the Vessel

A question -- what is the effect of the Klan and other conservative groups in the United States who have effectively withdrawn from society at large? A worry -- by their existence, and relatively normal (in most respects) life, do they have a 'recentering effect' for people whose world they're a part of? I suspect that, for a lot of people, their perception of themselves politically is at least influenced by how they relate to the mainstream (whether one uses a left-right dichotomy, a 2-axis system, or some other way of looking at things). To the extent that this is a factor, society at large can be affected by the presence and percieved respectability of various positions across the spectrum. Further, Klansman and similar, like a lot of scary-right folk (and, AFAIK, noone on the left), brag about eventually outbreeding the liberals. Is this actually happening? Further, compare the Klan to a more quiet, and even more withdrawn group of conservatives (that, nontheless, seem to be backwards in less offensive ways), the Amish/Mennonites. The Klan seems to be considerably more dangerous because it has a history of violence. Thinking about things, though, from what I know of the Klan, they typically act as an underground movement within small-town society, with the aim of steering the small-scale society in their desired direction (namely, racial purity and white dominance). The Amish, by contrast, have seperate villages that are also exclusive, but make little effort to spread their lifestyle to the outsiders. Apart from the racial content, are the Amish substantially similar to Klansmen who have won? Further, for a conservative group, the Amish get a surprising amount of respect from Liberals for their refusal to partake of many of the bad parts of society. In this sense, the Amish naturally align with the ascetic side of the Liberal movement, as opposed to the industrialist/superconsumerist side of the Conservative movement. Politics, na klar, is complex, eh.. Some people justify the high amounts of sculpting of Iraqi society (which might or might not be like how Japanese society was heavily sculpted by MacArthur and friends after WW2) by the need to pacify and stabilize Iraq. If it was decided that the Klan and survivalists are destabilizing the United States, but in a more subtle way, would that suggest these groups too should be broken apart?

I remember when the days were long and the nights when the living room was on the lawn constant quarrelling and childish fits and our clothes in a pile on the ottoman all the slander and double speak were only foolish attempts to show you did not mean anything but the blatant proof was your lips touching mine in the photobooth -- Death Cab for Cutie - Photobooth

A constructed realm, held in the mind.. the rocks are sharp, but do not cut, the wind is strong, and carries away words as soon as they're said. In the middle of an infinity of that, sits a small field, with trees and grass. In the middle of that, sits a bathtub, a pipe going down into the ground. I sit in the bathtub, with a book, and I smile again. I have not been here for a very long time. One of the places in my mind...