Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sat Jul 3 11:09:26 2004
Bent Words

I recently stumbled, on Wikipedia, on an interesting fact on immigration -- Jews, Romani, Communists, and others who lost their citizenship under the Third Reich now have, via a German "Law of Return", the legal right to regain citizenship, as part of a larger set of such rules. This reminded me of a particular point of beef I have with the Israeli government -- that its citizenship rules and government policy are racist and are intended to increase racial concentration of one ethnicity at the expense of the others. While this is still true, in my eyes, it appears that instead of standing way out there in left field, it is merely an exaggerated version of what a lot of civilized, western countries do. Even the ministry of tourism, and the big stress on making Aliyah, is just an extended form of the "ancestry visas" that a lot of European countries have. Mind you, this doesn't mean I'm less disgusted by it, but rather that I have more things to be disgusted with, and less that's Israel-specific. I think it's a shame when a country, regardless of nationalities involved, makes any effort to include or exclude people based on their race. No race "deserves" a homeland, ethnic purity, or anything of the sort. Interracial couples are, like with any other relationship, something to celebrate, and are not a "crisis". The people who bitch about the "Intermarriage crisis", or when another Turk moves into the neighborhood to work, or, like a departed close relative of mine, about blacks and mexicans moving to Texas, they make me see red. Good people, and the new culture we're trying to build, it does not accept racism, it does not abide exclusivity, nor those who shout when people borrow the best elements from cultures all over the world that fit into the new one.

All that being said, this thing, written in the lowland scots language, seems almost like a parody to me ;)

Someone had an amusing guide to irritate the people who are a bit too eager to share their music in traffic. I like the idea... I wonder if my Neuros, when I order it, will be able to do the same thing..

My mom sent me another one of those conservative rants that's floating around the internet. I'm likely to do a parody of it sometime soon.

For my BLOG, I think I've decided that I do want to make it into a combined Wiki/BLOG.. so unless I change my mind, I'll be starting yet another rewrite (version 4) sometime soonish. The first version of my BLOG was a flat-file program that would take all the text files and compile them into a set of HTML files, one for each "page" of entries. The second was a set of seperate cgis that all parsed a common database format. This introduced some new requirements on the webserver, but also introduced new capabilities (some of which I've yet to realize). The third version moved to mod_perl, and moved all the code into one place, where relevant parts could be shared. This made it easy to allow logins, implement themes, implement comments, and recently, to move to a more CSS-centric way of doing things. The fourth version will still be based on mod_perl, but I might move to being object-oriented with this release (the code is getting big, and I think OO might help me organize it better). I'm trying to think of other features I'd like.. maybe it's time to make it possible to host more than one person's blog, to add the ability to post new articles from the web, and to do whatever it takes to figure out how to really make the CSS look good. I think my BLOG still has sort of a clumsy look, and while I could certainly find a graphic designer to help me make it look cool, I'd rather do it myself.