Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Aug 18 15:47:00 2004
Mirrors in Your Eyes

Yesterday... had some bad stuff, and some good stuff. Bad: I was set to run a subject through an experiment, but when I made it home to get my car, it was gone. The city didn't know where it was (initially), so I thought it was stolen, and cancelled the appointment. Eventually the city found it, in one of their impound lots, and I got to sink $160 in getting it back (plus taxi fares out there). Fortunately, tomorrow there's a slot that I was able to slide it into, so the experiment schedule won't be too upset.

I found music videos from Kil Ho Naa Ho, and would love to learn how to dance like they do. It might be notable that the kind of Indian music videos I've been seeing at India Garden are definitely designed for the ADD generation. They even have ways of moving that are half-dance, half run. Hmm.

I'm trying to decide if, with my job, I should still take the biology course I'm scheduled for this next summer or drop it... It might be unwise to try to balance the two, and I probably actually know enough Bio that it's not worth taking the class here.

I am presently reflecting on a new perspective on regret that was given to me yesterday. In particular, it seems that the way my mind works, in practice regret involves looking back on decisions in the past and wishing to have changed them. However, in situations where I've had regret, I was generally acting with accordance to my value systems of the time, and to wish to change the decisions equates to wishing to have betrayed that system, which is not a wish I should stomach. The only times where I think reget is legitimate, in this sense, is when I don't follow the value system I've laid out, or otherwise done deep reflection on my values to best try to meet them. There is, na klar, the other sense of regret, simply meaning sorrow for having been involved in the injury of someone else, or perhaps simply having sorrow that someone else was injured in an unrelated way. Neither of those bear as much emotional weight as the first kind of regret, and the possible new perspective really may change things. I will need to think about it. It seems that there is much fruitful perspective to be gained from contact with the Tao, and while I will likely not adopt, I enjoy the ideas and am amused at the accidental convergences.