Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sat Oct 23 16:11:49 2004
Butterfly Violas

I took a bit of a break from my BLOG, as my readers probably have noticed. There wasn't just one reason. Partly, I was tired of all the attacks the irritating little GNAA kids were doing here, and the angry comments from the people who were attacked under my name (impersonation). Partly, I've just been a lot more busy recently, with work and with being in love. Partly, I wanted to know what life would be like without it. Partly, I just didn't feel like sharing with the world, for awhile. I think I'll be sharing more often again.

So, what has happened in the time period since my last post? Well, work has been busy -- I'm really starting to understand the details of fMRI analysis at this point, and for the first time am really feeling comfortable and competent in the researcher aspects of my new job. I think that I can design, conduct, and get good results from fMRI research, and this makes me very happy. I have not yet written a paper outside of a research methods class, so I am not yet comfortable in that aspect of things, but I'm not sure if I'll be called to do that in this job. Some aspects of my personal life are things I will not yet comment on, apart from noting that there is now a decent chance that I will not be in Pittsburgh in two or fewer years time. My friend Dubin visited last weekend, and it was fun for him, N, and me. I have also learned some more things about keeping my apartment clean -- I think as time goes on, and as I get older, the value of keeping things clean and orderly is growing in my mind.

Right now, I'm relaxing on my couch, drinking some wonderful imported Plum wine, and listening to some very early TMBG music. Earlier, I went running, and found that music from Aqua is really great for that. Unfortunately, it looks like they've broken up, so you'd better pack a time machine to find their website.

I've been spending a lot of time on Wikipedia recently, and have been frustrated by how people keep wanting to include articles on incredibly non-notable topics, such as elementary schools and television show episodes. The Votes for Deletion page is filled with conflict between inclusionists -- people who find almost everything anyone might write an article on to be worth keeping, and deletionists, people like me who want to keep the topics of articles within certain bounds -- standards of notability.

The air is cold. I'm still airing out my home with it.

Fri Nov 5 03:48:06 2004

What's his name and is he gentle?