Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Dec 15 01:51:49 2004
Man with the Silver Thread

After work, I spent most of today working on the next version of POUND. I made a lot of progress. It can now display the frontpage of a BLOG (separate entries), and can display Wiki articles (with only primitive markup implemented). The BLOG and the Wiki share the same markup, so it's now possible for the BLOG entries to nicely link to Wiki articles (and it won't be hard to do vice-versa). That said, there's a *LOT* of things left to do. Still, the basic foundations are in place, and it's set to handle multiple users and the like. So, here's a list of things to do..

Investigate different ways to do login, and find/implement something decent This is not going to be fun. The way I do it now with the blog is not pretty, so I want to do it better. Improve the Wiki parser This will be interesting, depending on how close to Wikipedia's markup I want to get. Fill in the boring general infrastructure things, like history pages and stuff Easy. Dull. Write conversion scripts for all my old BLOG entres Hmm. Interesting, perhaps very difficult. Alternative is to add in legacy support for the old scheme of things. Write wiki to RSS converter Finish implementing link schemes, add a few sites Implement utility functions for BLOG, like renaming, subpages, etc Implement ACLs