Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Jun 16 10:15:46 2005
Burnt Flowers

Not long ago, a friend introduced me to the webcomic Qwantz, which uses dinosaurs to talk about a number of things, including philosophy. Like with all webcomics I've started to read, I'm digging through the archives to read everything. One of the guest comics from some time ago brings up an interesting point on boundaries, and indirectly, openness in society. My instincts for society include the idea that, so much as is possible, it should be reorganized so openness and honesty can be implemented much more fully. One possible weakness of this idea is that perhaps as a species, we're not well cut-out for honesty. The specific example in the comic brings up sexuality, which in many societies is something that has a lot of cultural content attached to it (taboos, ideals, etc). Natural inclinations to people of one's preferred gender(s) can lead to difficulty in interpersonal relations if open and acknowledged, both because of differing sexual inclinations (and tastes) of the target of interest and because of arrangements for exclusivity. Addressing the second, this may be an area where one needs to make a choice between free love/openness and closed relationships. Regarding the first, I imagine it would be possible to concieve of sex differently so that attraction or preferred gender would not factor so much into it. As a product of western culture, I have enough distaste for both potential differences in arrangement that I'm not inclined to consider them for a society in which I would take part. This leaves me, for now, considering the effects on honesty that our current society has. Returning again to the comic, we note that revealed sexual interest can stress a relationship, where such interest, either not expressed or repressed (a la Freud), would not present an obstacle. I don't believe this is limited to sexuality -- desire for advancement can similarly be problematic if expressed or not repressed. I am inclined to condemn most forms of advancement that would likely make people uncomfortable, for other reasons. The consistancy of condemning universally things in this small category that block openness and honesty is tempting..

More practically, occasionally I've been attracted to a friend when the path wasn't open, for one reason or another, for a relationship. In cases of that sort, nonexpression of the desire is as noted a social must, and for my mental balance and occasionally other reasons, when I was unable to repress the desire with some of said people, I withdrew from contact with them. In that sense, I suppose I've given up on open and honest living, at least in that particular area, by my action. Should that change? I'm not sure.

Recently, I've been listening to Japanese pseudo-Hawaiian music (pretty good) and Raps in Gaelic (quite awful).

Fri Jun 17 11:22:30 2005
Question about And One

I really enjoy the band And One but i cant seem to find any music by them other than what a friend gave me about 2 years ago.I really would like to know what label they are on.Or a website for them. Anything really would help. My name is Amber and my email is ambercatgoddess@yahoo.com . i really would appreciate any help.