Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Jan 19 23:44:29 2006
Oh no!

I did not find the readings assignment for my Bioinformatics class until today. I have 112 pages of book and a paper to read tonight. I guess I can forget about catching up on sleep tonight. Phooey.

I have completely redone my BLOG's Atom feed so it now uses standard modules to generate a more standards-compliant feed. Please let me know if it radically breaks anything for any of you. I believe and hope it will fix some long-standing problems with the way things were done before (my RSS feed is still using hand-rolled code, but I'd like to change that too). As a small added plus, in theory I should have a livejournal feed of my actual BLOG now too. I'll still use my proper livejournal account to solicit opinion on a few things when I feel like it. Enjoy!

(note that, of course, the 1155 entries I've done in my blog over the years are not all imported into LJ, and I *do* hope that I mostly get comments on my actual BLOG on my website rather than on LJ, because LJ does not know who owns the feed and won't email me when comments are left.)

On the off chance you're reading this from the LJ feed, saunter over to my blog on its own site for the full experience.