Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Mon Sep 4 17:04:57 2006
Lj and Feeds

Dear LJ-folk,

I suggest you unsubscribe from dachte_feed and simply friend my main account ( dachte). I just finished implementing glue between POUND and LJ::Simple (a wonderful Perl module) so that POUND will directly post to LJ, avoiding the messy, slow, comment-losing RSS/Atom syndication process. It took me this long mainly because I haven't been in a programming mood for awhile -- the interface is pretty simple. My glue is not super sophisticated at this point, but I'll probably be working on it over the next few weeks to get the details right. Let me know if there's anything particularly obnoxious about the glue.


  1. Effective immediately, I won't be reading comments left on the feed anymore
  2. If you friended my LJ account and don't want to see roughly-daily posts by me, feel free to unfriend it now -- I won't be offended
  3. I still mildly prefer that you use my blog directly, but lj comments are not as bad now given that they won't disappear after about 2 weeks.
On a more personal note, random people have started to call me "Tex" because of my new hat. :)