Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Jun 11 21:51:56 2009
Codification, Inculturation

I finally got around to proofreading and updating two more philosophical essays:

They're really more sketches than anything else.. I'm not entirely happy with them, but right now I'd like to put up lots of sketches giving a general shape before getting into specifics. I keep forgetting how much old stuff I've taken down for various reasons and the fact that I have barely anything up now despite having given various hundreds-of-pages philosophy "chapbooks" to people in the past. I think I can cover my current system of epistemology next - it's kind of distant from my larger interests in philosophy, but most systems of epistemology I've seen philosophers lay out are ugly to my eyes.

ThouShaltNot keeps growing on me - initially I thought they were mediocre and cheesy, but with repeated listening they've slowly climbed up to being one of my favourite modern music groups. I still think they're really cheesy and a bit embarassing (but hey, I also like Hanson, which is much more embarassing, and Avril Lavigne, who is roughly as embarassing as ThouShaltNot).

My overall satisfaction with FC11 is very high. I keep finding new little bits of polish and hardware-specific-figuring-out they added since FC10 - it's strange to actually be happy with Linux on a laptop. Maybe eventually we'll hit OSX-level hardware support and smoothness! We're quite a ways closer to that than we were back in the early 1990s when I first installed SLS Linux (via a large number of floppies) onto one of the family computers.