Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Mon Sep 5 20:48:13 2011

I've recently heard from many sources that Livejournal is dying.

This is a mixed bag for me, in the sense that:

So, where do people actually communicate/blog nowadays? I know there are people who have moved to DreamWidth, DeadJournal, or InsaneJournal, and maybe some people have moved back to Xanga, Blogger, or other similar sites. Maybe more people have moved towards self-hosted WordPress (eww) or other sites. Perhaps people prefer to blog less formally now and do tweets or G+/FB posts instead? I may kinda-sorta keep track of the people I follow (and there still seems to be a fair amount of content on my LJ friends page, although a good amount of it is just through their aggregator).

I am now reasonably likely to make an aggregator component to my blog/wiki software if I leave LJ, but I'm wondering if I should add the ability to push my posts out to any particular other sites.

If anyone would like to contribute their impressions of how the places and kinds of blogging are changing recently, I'd love to hear about it.