Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Sep 6 08:27:43 2011
Law and Prethought

I keep discovering that existing legal systems already have significant content that I independently thought out, and they generally state it better and take it further. My fairly-random studies of law have also introduced me to new ideas for jurisprudentially-compatible moral philosophy. A few weeks ago, I bumped into the idea of proximate cause (yessssss). This morning, I came across the distinction between direct and oblique intent in mens rea:

I think this is a very important distinction, particularly because I think it is very reasonable, given the numerous effects of any philosophical position, to take stances that happen to not-be-maximally-empowering to certain groups or individuals that nontheless are not anti-those-groups.

I would prefer different terms though! I don't like phrasings that imply intent-to-a-consequence for all the consequences of something when only the thing is intended.

A few scattered thoughts that will let me close some open browser tabs for things to write about:

I recently came across this webcomic called 「Things Could Be Worse」. It's quite good.