Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Apr 11 20:52:52 2012
Universalising Doctrines

A small cluster of ideas that I've mentioned in passing in past posts that probably deserves one of its own:

From this, I also strongly oppose the efforts of libertarians who dream of floating nations, or nations in space, to escape conventional morality; it is not enough to eliminate slavery, institutional racism/sexism, and the threats to labour where we are, we should seek to eliminate them everywhere and to prevent new bubbles of humanity from emerging that recreate past evils.

As implied by my metaphilosophy of values, I don't think that all value conclusions must/should be universal, nor that we should defend them all with the same tools or vigour. Whether and to what extent our value-conclusions are universal is something we should keep in mind when we're reflecting on our values.