Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Jul 4 10:01:15 2001
Pretensions to absolutism

I have lost something some time ago, and yet belong to a group that in general holds on to it, wielding it like a weapon. And it seems to be fairly effective in their hands, as much of society has it in a fashion. It's moral absolutism, and the group is the Libertarian party. Most of the party literature assumes moral absolutism, and derives its politics from that, or a simpler form such as a non-agression principle. It might be said to be the sole instrument in their band. And, some time ago, maybe back in high school, I gave up the idea of a universal right or wrong. Why is this tool so effective in the LP's hands? Well, much of society is, or at least claims to be, Christian, a moralizing religion. It is simple to grab onto that element in the psychology of the masses. How am I still a Libertarian? In the values from which my moral/ethical frameworks are derived, liberty is high among the list. Does this make me a pseudo-libertarian? I don't know, it's an interesting concept. It seems that some of the people I know (e.g. Q) are Libertarians without the claims to moral absolutism, some are moral absolutist atheists (e.g. Woody). Q doesn't seem to be very aware of how his values fit together though, as he seems to prefer an absolute ranking, placing liberty on top. The net result of that is merely anarchy, without any concept of property, something dear to most libertarians (including me). I would love to press him on it to hear his argument, but it's a bit difficult doing that over ICQ. It'd be fun to actually have an on-campus debate on it, as too many debates on the topic are merely between Christians and Atheists, and end up legitimizing the Christians by bringing them to the table and marking their viewpoint as an important one.

Hmm.... last night I was invited by an old friend from college to a cookout. It was fun, although I think I surprised them by eating 3 burgers. Today I'm going to need to do laundry, as I seriously have no clean shirts left. I'll probably get to walk across the street in my bathrobe to get it done. I'm really glad that Jason's house has the laundry shack behind it. It'd be amusing to actually live in such a place -- it's one room and has electricity. That reminds me of my ideal home -- a small abandoned warehouse somewhere, one big room. I don't like stairs much, and definitely like the idea of being able to create 'rooms' by placing neck-level barriers or furniture around, the rooms mainly being an illusion. Probably nothing will be open today, so I'll have to eat leftovers. Oh well. Anyhow, I'd best get my laundry started.

Tue Sep 30 19:32:02 2003
Touching my shadow

It's strange -- attempting to get back into the old mindset I had... some things, like the shack, and my dreams of the time, are easy... some are a bit harder..

It's amusing to think that my criticism on libertarianism were already present in a big way at this time..