Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Mon Jul 9 18:25:22 2001
Patches on chaos

Hmm... impermanence...

There was a set of nice computer speakers my parents gave me many years ago, that about a month ago broke. (No, if you know me personally, these are not my newest, neat, and very thin speakers, these are the older white blocky ones that I have connected to a different computer). I opened them up, took out a soldiering iron, and fixed them. Today, those speakers appeared to be developing a warble. I might need to open them up again... I'm not sure how long I can keep doing this though -- I figured out how to fix them the last time through trial and error -- this time it's quite possible they're just toast.

Also, my laptop's battery seems to be having problems -- it's not working at all now. I'm not sure if it's just not charging while the computer is on, or if it's truly dead. And... my Rio's battery door continues to get worse. I'm going to get to start using tape to hold it shut soon. Impermanence has always been a major theme in my psychology -- it's something that always troubles me. I can almost feel Nietzsche and Buddha pulling on opposite corners of my mind, two beautiful foes or uneasy allies, each a twisted twin of the other. It would be tempting to place myself in the centre for artistic reasons, but in reality, where they conflict I usually lean much more towards Nietzsche... Curse the artist! Curse this urge, implanted in me, towards poetry where the truth would suffice! A human curses, the universe is witness, at the impurities that have tainted their very mind. The very face of imperfection, that I have memorized its curves and scars, has made me learn to hate the false ideals that have been erected in my mind. Truth is the only antibody to Beauty.