Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Jul 20 19:46:14 2001
Mistaken loyalty

Very mild headache. But... it was worth it. After going to Insomnia on Wednesday, I was hungry, and went and ate at Taco Bell (blah). On the way back, I decided to stop by North Campus video. They had the whole BlackAdder series on DVD, so I rented it, and just finished it a few hours ago. I love british humor.. well, usually, anyhow.

Disappointed about the job search -- I did well on the first level interview on thursday, but the second-level interviews are all next week, and I'll miss them, being that the O'Reilly Perl conference. So.. I guess I won't get that job. So, I'd really better get a job soon or I'll be forced to move back to my parents' home. I'm thinking about renting storage in one of the local storage places, just in preperation for the need to rapidly move out of here and not having firm living arrangements. Also, I've had an idea for additional cash once I have a job -- teaching programming, one-on-one, to kinds. Maybe teaching math too, or something. I love teaching.

Preparing to possibly write a detailed critism of Bork's philosophy. I'd like to track down where my copy of 'Slouching towards Gamorrah' went, for reference. I guess I'll also be heading to Insomnia tonight. It reminds me of how I've been reluctant to do my Qu'ran and Bible critical readings at Insomnia -- I don't want random people to see me with either and think I'm a religious freak.

I've been plagued with rather strong headaches recently. I'm wondering if it might have something to do with my diet. In particular, perhaps the gumbo that I eat regularly has things in it that I'm allergic to. Or, perhaps it's something else.