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Sat Oct 31 21:34:17 2009
Israeli Settlements

I consider Clinton's call for peace discussions before Israel halts settlement building irresponsible. The US should take a much stronger hand with Israel on this matter, withdrawing any weapons deals and financial support until the settlement construction ends, and threatening to bomb all settlements flat unless construction on them and expansion into East Jerusalem stops.

Israel is currently making a last big grab to make a new status quo before peace talks begin, and it should be stopped.

Sun Nov 1 19:55:57 2009
Trans and Obligations

I recently got an invite to a facebook group - I normally don't read facebook notices (and I've disabled most of them), but I happened to read this one - it was protesting an article in 「Seventeen」 magazine, where "My Boyfriend Turned Out to be a Girl" - the claim was that several things in the article are "Transphobic". I'm not sure what that means exactly, but there has been a lot of healthy debate about the content of the article. (view full entry for contents)

Mon Nov 30 19:25:05 2009

Regarding Huckabee's pardoning scandal, I believe it was something probably only mistaken in retrospect. I don't like Huckabee, but would prefer he be rejected for his ideas than for his scandals.

Sat Jan 16 01:39:34 2010
Open healthcare discussions

I hold that the President has gone back on a campaign promise regarding openness in health care discussions. I don't know if it was a wise promise to make, particularly given republican efforts against mavericks, but it is nontheless broken, regardless of Gibbs' efforts to pretend it has not.